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Continent and Countries

Continent and Countries ......

Area                                            17,212,000 sq. km
Number of Countries                44 countries
Highest point                             Mount Everest, Nepal
Lowest point                              Dead Sea, Israel
Most Populous City                   Shanghai, China

South America
Area                                            6,880,000 sq. km
Number of Countries                12 countries
Highest point                             Aconcagua, Argentina
Lowest point                              Laguna del Carbón, Argentina
Most Populous City                   Sao Paulo, Brazil

North America
Area                                            9,365,000 sq. km
Number of Countries                23 countries
Highest point                             Mount McKinley, USA
Lowest point                              Death Valley, USA
Most Populous City                   Mexico City, Mexico

Area                                            11,608,000 sq. km
Number of Countries                54 countries
Highest point                             Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Lowest point                              Lake Assal,Djibouti
Most Populous City                   Lagos, Nigeria

Area                                            3,837,000 sq. km
Number of Countries                47 countries
Highest point                             Mount Elbrus, Russia
Lowest point                              Caspian Sea, Russia
Most Populous City                   Moscow, Russia

Area                                            5,100,000 sq. km
Number of Countries                0 countries
Highest point                             Vinson Massif, Antarctica
Lowest point                              Deep Lake, Vestfold Hills, Antarctica
Most Populous City                   Villa Las Estrellas, Chilean claim

Area                                            2,968,000 sq. km
Number of Countries                14 countries
Highest point                             Puncak Jaya, Papua Province
Lowest point                              Lake Eyre, Australia
Most Populous City                   Sydney, Australia

Other Facts.....

  • Canada has more lakes than all the other countries of the world combined.
  • Kazakistan is the largest landlocked country in the world
  • France covers the most time zones, covering 12 time zones
  • Most overweight population found in Nauru
  • Mongolia is the least densely populated country on Earth with 4 people per square mile
  • Saudi Arabia has no river
  • Suriname is the most jungle covered country in the world, with 91% of its land covered in jungle
  • Papua New Guinea with 820 languages are spoken, is the most languages spoken country in world
  • The country with the most neighbors is Russia with 16 neighbors
  • New Zealand is the first country that gave women the right to vote in 1893
  • The country with the longest shoreline measuring 202,080 km is Canada
  • Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan is the only two countries in the world which are doubly landlocked
  • Vatican is the only country where there was no birth in 1983
  • Singapore is the largest country without any farms.
  • Nauru is the only country in the world with no official capital
  • There are more post offices in India than anywhere else in the world
  • New Zealand is the only country which has every climate in the world

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