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Indian Movie Timeline and Facts .....

Indian Movie Timeline and Facts ...... 

7th July, 1896          First Cinema show in India at the Watson Hotel in Bombay
1897                          Save Dada films first Indian Documentary
1898                          Prof. Stevenson brings “first Bioscope” to Calcutta at the Star Theatre
1898                          The first short film in India “A dancing Scene” was directed by Hiralal  Sen
1907                          The First Cinema hall “Elphinstone Picture Palace” in India built by J.F. Madan in Calcutta
18th May, 1912       “Shree Pundalik” became the First Theatrical film released in India. Dadasaheb Torne 
                                    was the maker of the film.Movie Icon
1912                          “Raja Harishchandra” was the first Indian feature
                                    film produced by Dadasaheb Phalke.                      
3rd May, 1913        “Raja Harishchandra” was released on at
                                    Coronation Cinematograph, Bombay
1914                          “Raja Harishcnadra” was the first Indian Film
                                    which was shown in London and became First Indian feature film shown Abroad
1918                          Indian Cinematograph Act 1918
1920                          Baburao Painter became the was the first man to advertise his film “Vatsala Haran”
                                    through cinema posters
14th March 1931    First Indian talking film “Alam Ara” released by Ardeshir Irani  
1931                          “De de khuda ke naam par” was the first song in Indian cinema recorded for “Alam Ara”
1932                          “Indra Sabha” released with a record number of 71 songs, highest in any Indian Cinema
                                     till now.
1933                          First air-conditioned cinema Regal started in Bombay
1937                          Film “Sant Tukaram” screened at Venice Film Festival and became the first Indian
                                   film to be screened at an international film festival.
1937                          First color film “KISAN KANYA” released
1946                          Chetan Anand's “Neecha Nagar” won the Grand Prize at the first  Cannes Film Festival
                                    and became the first Indian film to get international award
1950                          “Hanste Aansu” was the first Hindi film released with an “A” Certificate
1951                          Formation of Central Board of Film Censors
1952                          Filmfare Awards were introduced
1954                          National Film Awards were introduced
1982                          Bhanu Athaiya becomes the first Indian to win an Oscar for the film Gandhi
·       Kamala, was the first female heroine in an Indian film with her lead role in Dadasaheb Phalke's second film “Bhasmasur Mohini” produced in 1913.
·     Dattatraya Damodar Dabke was the first hero of an Indian film. He acted as Harishchandra in “Raja Harishchandra”.
·     The first Indian chain of cinema theaters was owned by the Calcutta entrepreneur J F Madan, who    oversaw production of 10 films annually and distributed them throughout the Indian subcontinent.
·     The first lady director in India was Begum Fatima Sultana .
·     Phiroz Shah Mistry was the first Indian music director for the film “Alam Ara”.
·     Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay is the only film which has enjoyed 60 golden jubilees.
·     Satyajit Ray holds the record for the highest number of National awards with 32 wins in various categories.
·     Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan and Mammootty holds the record for the highest number of National awards for Best Actor - 3 awards each.
·     Shabana Azmi holds the record for the highest number of National awards for Best Actress - 5.
·     A R Rahman and Ilayaraja jointly hold the record for the highest number of National awards for Best Music Direction - 4.
·     K. J. Yesudas holds the record for the highest number of National awards for Best Male PlaybackSinger - 7.

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