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Name Scientific Study

Name Scientific Study

Acology                                Study of medical remedies
Adenology                           Study of glands
Aerology                              Study of the atmosphere
Agrology                              Study of agricultural soils
Anesthesiology                   Study of anesthetics
Anatomy                             Study of the structure of living things
Anthropobiology               Study of the natural history of the human species
Anthropology                    Study of humanity
Apiology                             Study of bees
Arachnology                      Study of spiders
Archaeology                      Study of human activity in the past
Astrology                           Study of influence of stars on people
Astronomy                         Study of celestial bodies
Auxology                            Study of growth
Barology                             Study of gravitation
Bibliology                            Study of books
Biology                                Study of life
Botany                                 Study of plants
Bromatology                      Study of food
Brontology                         Study of thunder
Calorifics                             Study of heat
Cardiology                          Study of the heart
Carpology                           Study of fruit
Chemistry                           Study of the composition, properties and behavior of matter
Cosmology                          Study of the universe
Cryptology                          Study of codes
Dactylography                    Study of fingerprints
Dendrology                        Study of trees
Dermatology                      Study of skin
Desmology                         Study of ligaments
Ecology                               Study of environment
Economics                          Study of material wealth
Edaphology                        Study of soils
Entomology                        Study of insects
Floristry                              Study of cultivating and selling flowers
Geoponics                          Study of agriculture
Graphology                        Study of handwriting
Helminthological               Study of worms
Hematology                       Study of blood
Hydrogeology                    Study of ground water
Hygrometry                       Study of humidity
Ichthyology                        Study of fish
Insectology                        Study of insects
Linguistics                          Study of language
Meteorology                      Study of weather
Nephology                         Study of clouds
Nephrology                       Study of the kidneys
Numismatics                      Study of coins
Odontology                        Study of teeth
Oology                                Study of eggs
Ophiology                           Study of snakes
Ornithology                        Study of birds
Orthopterology                 Study of cockroaches
Osteology                           Study of bones
Otology                               Study of the ear
Palaeolimnology               Study of ancient fish
Pathology                           Study and diagnosis of disease
Psychology                         Study of mental functions and behaviors
Seismology                         Study of earthquakes
Thermology                       Study of heat
Vermeology                       Study of worms
Xylology                             Study of wood
Zoology                              Study of animals

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