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ODI Records held by Sachin...


ODI Records held by Sachin...

ODI debut:                                                  India vs Pakistan at Gujranwala, 18 December 1989
Last ODI:                                                     India vs Pakistan at Dhaka, 18 March 2012.
Most ODI matches:                                   463
Most ODI runs:                                          18,426, ave.44.83 in 463 matches
Most ODI centuries:                                  49Sachin Tendulkar
Most ODI fifties:                                         96
Most balls faced:                                       21,367
Most Man of the Match awards:            62
Most Player of the Series awards:         15
Longest ODI career:                                  22 years 91 days
Most hundreds against one team:         9 vs. Australia
Most runs in World Cup history:           2,278
Most hundreds in World Cup:                6
Most fifties in World Cup:                       15
Most 90s in a career:                                18
Most fours:                                                 2,016
Most hundred partnerships
 in ODIs:                                                      26, with Sourav Ganguly
Most runs against Australia:                 3,077 at an average of 44.59 in 71 matches
Most runs against Sri Lanka:                 3,113 (ave.43.84) in 84 matches
Most sixes for India:                                195 sixes.
Most centuries in a calendar year:      9 centuries in 1998
Highest partnership in ODIs:                331 with Rahul Dravid for second wicket vs. New Zealand at
                                                                     Hyderabad, 8th November 1999
Most runs in a calendar year:               1,894, ave.65.31 in 34 matches in 1998
Most consecutive ODIs for India:         185, from 25th April 1990 to 24th April 1998
First Cricketer to score a double
 century in ODIs:                                      200* vs. South Africa at Gwalior on 24   February 2010.
Youngest player to debut for
India in ODIs:                                            16 years and 238 days vs. Pakistan
India's youngest ODI captain:               23 years and 126 days vs. Sri Lanka at Colombo on 28 August 1996.
Most runs in a single edition of
 World Cup:                                                673 in 11 matches in 2003 World Cup
Most hundreds in a calendar year:      9 hundreds in 1998
1,000+ runs in a calendar year
 most times:                                                7 times

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