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Person That recognized as Father/Mother of a subjects..

Person That recognized as Father/Mother of a subjects...

•          Father of Microscopy                                  Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek
•          Father of Western Medicine                       HippocratesHippocrates
•          Father of Internet                                         Vint Cerf
•          Father of the American Constitution          James Madison
•          Father of the Indian Constitution               Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
•          Father of Humanism                                    Francesco Petrarca
•          Father of Geometry                                     Euclid of  Alexandria
•          Father of New France                                 Samuel de Champlain
•          Father of Genetics                                        Gregor Mendel
•          Father of the Green Revolution                  Norman Ernest Borlaug
•          Father of the Green Revolution in India    M.S Swaminathan
•          Father of Scientific Management                Frederick Winslow Taylor
•          Father of Biology                                          AristotleCharles Darwin
•          Father of Evolution                                      Charles Darwin
•          Father of Microbiology                                Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
•          Father of Nuclear Chemistry                       Otto Hahn
•          Father of Periodic Table                               Dmitri Mendeleev
•          Father of modern Medicine                        Hippocrates
•          Father of Modern Physics                           Galileo Galilei
•          Father of Modern Astronomy                     Nicolaus Copernicus
•          Father of Nuclear Physics                           Ernest Rutherford
•          Father of Nuclear Science                            Marie Curie and Pierre Curie
•          Father of Computer Science                        George Boole and Alan Turing
•          Father of  American Football                       Walter Camp
•          Father of Walter Camp                                Geoffrey Chaucer
•          Father of  modern Olympic                         Pierre De CoubertinBenjamin Franklin
•          Father of of Numbers                                   Pythagoras
•          Father of Botany                                           Theophrastus
•          Father of Electricity                                      Benjamin Franklin
•          Father of Electonics                                      Michael Faraday
•          Father of  Television                                     Vladimir K. Zworykin
•          Father of Telephone                                      Alexander Graham Bell
•          Father of Mobile Phone                               Martin Cooper
•          Father of Laptop                                           Bill MoggridgeSigmund Freud
•          Father of  Psychology                                  Sigmund Freud
•          Father of Surgery                                         Sushruta
•          Father of Plastic Surgery                             Sir Harold Gillies
•          Father of Ayurveda                                      Dhanwantari

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