Friday, 5 July 2013

Places known by their Alternate Name....

Places known by their Alternate Name....

Battleground of Europe                           Belgium
Blue Mountains of India                          Nilgiri Hills
City of Light                                               ParisBelgium
City of Palaces                                           Kolkata, India
City of Joy                                                  Kolkata, India
City of Golden Gate                                  San Francisco
City of Seven Hills                                    Rome
City of Golden Temple                             Amritsar, India
Cock   Pit of Europe                                 Belgium
Dark Continent                                         Africa
Diamond City in India                             Surat, Gujarat
Eternal City                                               Rome
Forbidden City                                          Lhasa, Tibet
Granite City                                               Aberdeen, Scotland
Garden City of India                                 Bangalore
Gift of Nile                                                  Egypt
Island of Pearls                                         Bahrain
Land of Golden Fleece                             Australia
Land of Kangaroo                                     Australia
Land of Cakes                                            Scotland
Land of Thousand Lakes                          FinlandEgypt
Land of Golden Pagoda                           Myanmar
Land of Midnight Sun                              Norway
Land of Thousand Elephants                  Laos
Land of Rising Sun                                    Japan
Land of Maple                                           Canada
Land of Canals                                           Netherlands
Land of White Elephant                          Thailand
Land of Windmills                                    Netherlands
Land of Thunderbolt                                Bhutan
Land of Long White Cloud                      New Zealand
Manchester of Japan                                Osaka
Playground of Europe                              Switzerland
Pearl of Antilles                                        Cuba
Queen of Arabian Sea                               Cochin, IndiaShillong
Roof of World                                           Pamirs
Sick Man of Europe                                  Turkey
Sugar Bowl of World                                Cuba
Sorrow of China   River                           Hwang Ho
Scotland of East                                        Shillong, India
White city                                                  Belgrade
Venice of East                                            Alappuzha, Kerala
Venice of North                                         Stockholm

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