Saturday, 6 July 2013

Slogan of some Popular Companies

Slogan of some Popular Companies

 “High Performance. Delivered.”
 “Impossible is nothing”
 "Setting the Standards"
 "…and You're Done"
 "Your World. Delivered"
 "Circuit Design for the RF Impaired"
                                ATG Design Services
 "Get In the Game"
                      ATI Technologies
 “The Company for Woman”
 "Innovating for a Safer World"
                                  BAE Systems
 "The Leader in Small Space and Rocket Systems"
                                                             Ball Corporation
 "Forever New Frontiers"
 "Better Sound Through Research"
                                                Bose Corporation
 "Setting the Standard in Device Programming"
                                                            BP Microsystems
 “Beyond Petroleum”
 “The ultimate driving machine”
 "Know How"
 “The Penalty of Leadership”
 “Between love and madness lies obsession”
                                                             Calvin Klein
 "This is the Power of the Network. Now."
                                                            Cisco Systems
 "Inspiration Technology"
                                 Compaq (HP)
 “Open Happieness”
 "Innovation and Excellence"
                                    Datel (C&D Tech)
 "Get More out of Now"
                        Dell Computer
 “The happiest place on earth”
 "The Miracles of Science"
 “Buy it. Sell it. Love it.”
 "Taking You Forward"
 "RF On Fiber"
                        Fiber-Span, LLC
 "Built for the Road Ahead"
 “For the men in charge of change”
                                                Fortune Magazine
 "The Possibilities are Infinite"
 "Strength On Your Side"
                        General Dynamics
 "Imagination at Work"
                        General Electric
 "Innovation and Excellence in RF & Microwave"
 “Don’t be evil”
 "Materials that Create Solutions"
                                    Griff Specialty Paper and Film
 "Inspire the Next"
 "We are Honeywell"
 “American by Birth. Rebel by choice.”
                                                Harley Davidson
 "We Make IT Happen"
 “Think big”
 "The Power of Choice"
 "Intel Inside"
 "Engineered for Life"
 "A Virtual World of Live Pictures"
 “Finger lickin’ good”
                                    Kentucky Fried Chicken
 "At Linksys - We are making connectivity easier"
 “Because you’re worth it”
 "The Future of Memory"
 "Digital DNA"  "Hello. Moto"
 "Your Partner In Antenna Technology"
                                                mWAVE Industries, LLC
 "Empowered by Innovation"
                                    NEC Corporation
 "Connecting People"
 “At the heart of the image”
 “Just do it”
 "Business Without Boundaries"
                                    Nortel Networks
 "The Leader in Small Space and Rocket Systems"
                                                Orbital Sciences Corporation
 "Ideas for Life"
 "Sense and Simplicity"
 “The greatest tragedy is indifference”
                                                            Red Cross
                        Samsung Electronics
 "The Network Is The Computer"
                                    Sun Microsystems
 "We Make It Happen"
 "This Is Momentum"
                        United Technologies Corporation
 "Can You Hear Me Now? Good."
                                    Verizon Wireless
 “It’s is everywhere you want to be”
 “Make the most of now”
 “Think small”
 “Save money. Live Better.”
 "The Programmable Logic Company"
"When Performance Matters"
                          XMA Corporation
 “Let your fingers do the walking”
                                        Yellow Pages

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